5 Woodwork Home Design Ideas

From hand milled staircases and 12′ tall solid mahogany doors to over sized cypress brackets and walnut beams, you’ll quickly notice we don’t skimp on quality here at Aqua Construction. With a focus on using quality materials and skillful craftsmanship we’re able to provide a quality and truly custom product to our customers. Here are five ways we’re incorporating woodwork at our projects under construction right now.

Shiplap Feature Wall

Traditionally used for cladding, shiplap can be re-purposed to add texture to bare walls for less cost than traditional paneling. Typically made of pine, shiplap can be painted or stained offering plenty of versatility. Being on Marco Island, most of our customers opt to paint shiplap white for a clean coastal look, while stain might give you a rich masculine feel.

1131 Vernon Pl Marco Island FL-large-014-20-Bunkbeds-1500x1000-72dpi

Cypress Corbels & Brackets

West Indies and coastal design are two influences you’ll often see in an Aqua Construction home. Incorporating cypress corbels and brackets add texture, warmth and dimension to the exterior of the home. Did you know exposed corbels and brackets use to serve a purpose larger than decorative? They actually held the structure together much like trusses do in construction today!

1131 Vernon Pl Marco Island FL-large-001-5-Front dusk-1500x1000-72dpi

Walnut Ceiling Beams

Kick it up a notch with walnut. This hardwood has a stunning richness about it that you can’t deny, ranging in color from light to deep dark brown depending on which part of the tree it comes from. Walnut is an extremely tough wood used often in furniture making, staircases, and cabinetry too. Although pricey, walnut is unique in color, resilient to humidity, and resistant to shrinking and swelling which make it a fantastic material to use in a humid climate like southwest Florida.

Oak Staircase

One thing we’re known for is our hand milled staircases. Before Aqua Construction came to be, we started out in the stair business. With years of building stairs under our belt, we are now able to offer our customers a truly custom, hand milled staircase. No matter what you style we can customize just about anything for you.

1131 Vernon Pl Marco Island FL-large-002-6-Staircase-739x1000-72dpi

Mahogany Entry Door

We believe first impressions last a lifetime, which is why selecting a front door for your home is so important. Our standard 12′ tall solid mahogany entry doors are Miami Dade rated but also designed with quality and aesthetics in mind. From louvered panels and chinchilla glass to eclipse arch details the customization’s are endless.

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