Mix It Up: How To Use Mixed Metals In Your Home

When it comes to metal finishes there are lots of options. Who says you have to match? Incorporating different finishes to a space is unexpected and adds interest. The only rule we abide by is making sure our finishes either match or don’t. There can be no in between, otherwise it looks like you missed the mark. To help you get going, here are a few tips to keep in mind when mixing your metals.

  1. Find inspiration

Getting inspired has never been so easy.  Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest are our go-to search tools for home design inspiration. See what’s trending, and how designers, builders and homeowners alike are designing their new spaces.



mixed metals 3

2. Balance is key

Mix no more than 2-3 metals per space. Showcase your dominant finish in a larger format area such as cabinet hardware. Use contrasting metals in smaller areas such as the faucets and or light fixtures.

Pro tip: group your finishes. For example all light fixtures should be one finish, all cabinet hardware should be one finish, and all faucets should be one finish.


3. Match or Contrast

There’s nothing worse than missing the finish mark when it comes to metals. No one wants to see hardware and fixtures that almost match. Stick to this rule: contrasting finishes or matching finishes, there’s no in between.

1131 Vernon Pl Marco Island FL-large-018-9-Bar-734x1000-72dpi



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