How to Select a Freestanding Tub

From traditional claw foot to sleek and modern , freestanding tubs have become a master bath must-have. More than just a soothing bubble bath, freestanding tubs are a bathroom focal point, almost like a piece of art. Here’s what you need to know about freestanding tubs, along with three of our favorite styles.

Slipper Tub 

Sleek, simple and usually made of light weight acrylic, the slipper tub is a fan favorite. From rectangular, square and oval, a one piece slipper tub can compliment any design aesthetic. Depending on size, and accessories these tubs start at $1,000.


Claw foot Tub

Popular since the 19th century, the claw foot tub is a classic bathroom fixture that’s here to stay. This timeless tub can be incorporated in modern or traditional spaces. Go all white for a clean look, or opt for metallic feet for a glamours feel. This tub is traditionally made of cast iron, a heavy metal. Depending on size, and accessories these tubs start at $1,300.


Stone Tub

Polished marble, chiseled granite and smooth travertine are a few natural stones manufacturers are using to construct these magnificent tubs. With an average weight of around 2,000 lbs it’s almost 7x heavier than a standard cast iron tub, but dare we say it’s 7x more beautiful than a standard tub? Depending on size, and material stone tub price ranges vary greatly from $2,500-$12,000.


Choose a tub that best matches your design aesthetic and personality. Consider how you’ll use it. Do you prefer jets or a simple soaking tub? Do you like the look of a floor mounted, wall mounted or ceiling mounted tub filler? Are you traditional, transitional or modern? These are all things to consider when you’re shopping for a tub, but most importantly go with your gut.


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