Our Favorite Ways To Incorporate Matte Black Finishes

Black home finishes are on trend, and not just for Halloween this year.  Blending black finishes with your current color palette may sound intimidating but this bold neutral goes with almost everything and makes a beautiful statement when done right. Most importantly, black finishes add character, contrast and depth to a space. Still skeptical? We scoured the internet to share with you how others are using black decor in their homes.

1.Light fixtures

When it comes to light fixtures, you can blend in or stand out depending on scale and finish. These over-sized shades in matte black add the perfect touch of sophistication and contrast to this bright white kitchen.  Sure, a chrome or champagne finish would work here too, but this is a bold statement that we love.

black lights2

2. Hardware

From cabinets to barn doors there’s something so chic about black hardware that seems to always works effortlessly with any palette. Whether you’re a fan of rustic stains, fifty shades of white, or bold hues, the combinations are endless when it comes to matte black hardware.

black cabinet hardware hgtv

black hardware barn

black hardware

3. Plumbing Fixtures

When we attended the builder show in Orlando last we were surprised to see so many bold sinks and faucets. Now matte black faucets aren’t as shocking but if you’re still weary, start small. Perhaps try a bold faucet in your outdoor kitchen or guest shower. One rule of thumb we like to stick to is, make sure to keep it consistent within the space. If you have more than one faucet in your kitchen for example, stick with the same finish. If you’re doing shower fixtures, carry the same finish to the vanity with a black faucet. The other finishes can contrast including light fixtures, hardware etc.

black sink hgtvblack fixtures-domino

Although black finishes are on trend now, they may not be years from now. We always recommend incorporating fun trends in a way where you can easily revise later. Committing to a black pendant for example isn’t forever  and if you decide next year you’re into chrome pendants it’s an easy swap. That’s the beauty of home design, trends are on a forever loop. Now we have to ask, if you were to incorporate matte black into your home, where would you use it?



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